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Our Curriculum

Our integrated child-centred curriculum are developed appropriately to the various group of children in

  • Bilingual Literacy
  • Early Math
  • Discovery Science
  • Social Studies
  • Creative and Language Arts
  • Music Appreciation
  • Computer Assisted Learning
  • Project Learning

Our children are actively engaged in many hands-on exploratory and experiential learning. Languages are also taught in fun ways like poem recital, tongue twister, word games, etc.

We strongly believe that “process” of each activity is important for children to understand and learn. It helps them to explore better, to enhance natural curiosity, provide opportunity to further develop their creative minds, solve problems and think independently.

We have a unique curriculum for toddlers. It focuses on self-help skills, independency, sensorial experiences and motor skills development. For the little ones, we provide them with ample opportunities for their exploration, discovery and experiences.
Other than the academic aspect, our curriculum is based on building a firm foundation in developing life-long learning skills through mastering self-help skills, developing independency, encourages creative thinking and achieving character excellence

Montessori curriculum

In our Westwood centre, we have the hands-on Montessori curriculum which has five focus areas: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture and it is integrated with our core curriculum.   

Infant curriculum

Other than meeting the basic needs of your infant and providing the highest possible safe environment, our infant programmes are designed to engage and stimulate your infant through the five senses, gross and fine motor skills development, language and cognitive development and social & emotional connections.