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Enrichment Programmes

We offered various enrichment programmes in our centres during our operating hours.

English Speech and Drama

English Speech and Drama is a joint partnership with Helen O’Grady at our Jalan Naung Centre. For more information on Helen O’Grady, you can visit their website at

Mandarin Speech and Drama (中文演艺班)

Mandarin Speech and Drama is offered in both our Jalan Naung branch and our Sembawang branch.

We are in partnership with Sun Cultural Arts at Jalan Naung branch and Absolute Minds at our Sembawang branch. Check out their website and respectively.

iBrain Math

iBrain Math is a revolutionary way for children to learn Mental Arithmetic. This programme is offered by One EduHub in our Sembawang centre. For more information, visit their website at


Swimming not only helps in the physical development of children, it also increases cognitive abilities. Most importantly, it teaches children survival skills in the water.

We provide optional swimming lessons to the Kindergarten children. All our coaches are licensed under "National Registry of Coaches (Swimming)" and "Singapore Swimming Association".

"Swimming provides the mental skills that a child needed. Parents will notice the before and after behavior changes in your child especially in concentration level after swimming practice/ lessons". - Joe Chan, swimming instructor for Little Tree House