Our Infant Care Programme

The world is full of wonders! At this age, our precious little babies are curious and eagerly exploring the world they are in. 
At Little Tree House, we encourage this active exploration and discovery of their world through our curriculum:


Music has the ability to calm and sooth children, and also allow for the avid expression and is a great tool for language development and engagement!

Our Music & Movement activities encourage children to sing and dance, developing their motor skills, as well as their language and social skills as they laugh and have fun with their teachers and friends.


Babies explore the world through their five senses, making sense of differing textures

Our Little Sensory Play provides children with a variety of materials to play with, arousing their curiosity and giving them a safe space to explore freely at their own comfortable pace.

They are also exposed to different themes such as "My Family", "Fruits" or "Animals" to introduce them to familiar items in their everyday lives. This serves to reinforce their knowledge and assist them in acquiring new understanding.


Children learn best through play! We place heavy emphasis on purposeful play as it helps to build a child's socio-emotional skills and also their fine and gross motor skills.

Our array of equipment such as baby gym, soft play structures and a variety of toys engage children in their daily exercise of their big and small muscle groups!

We also bring our little ones on outdoor fun daily! Children are engaged as they observe the beauty of nature with a dedicated teacher to ensure their safety and security.