Infant Care & Child Care

Our unique trilingual curriculum actively engages children in hands-on exploratory and experiential learning, arousing their natural curiosity and providing opportunities for their creative minds to solve problems and think independently.

We are firm believers of developing life-long learning skills and building character excellence from a tender age.

Sleeping Newborn


Trustworthy & Quality Care

We provide your precious little one with the safest care with our low-ratio arrangement, coupled with trained, experienced and dedicated teachers. 

Our environment is purposefully curated to reflect the cosiness of your home, whilst providing a specific programme designed to engage and stimulate your infant through the five senses, gross and fine motor skills development, language and cognitive development and social & emotional connections.


Happy Child, Happy Mind

For our curious little ones, we focus a lot on self-help skills, building their independence and solid foundation for early learning.

The "process" of each activity is carefully designed for children to have purposeful fun, whilst engaging them in their keen exploration on their adventures! We believe in the potential of each child and seek to uncover their natural inclination through active discovery and experiences!

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Ready for Success

Our curriculum primes our children for Primary School, effective with trilingual literacy i.e. English, Chinese & Coding.

Our suite of subjects and enrichment classes emphasizes not only on building their academic strength but also their general knowledge of the world. Well equipped with the depth and breadth of knowledge from their foundation years, they are ready to excel in their next stage of life!

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