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About Us

 Our Story

Established in 2003, Little Tree House (LTH) is a premium Centre offering infant care and child care services. Our program caters  for children between the age of 2 months and 6 years old.

With the homely and interactive environment, dedicated teachers and shared beliefs of our parents, our enrolment has increased over the years, mostly through recommendation from parents. 

At LTH, we believe that character development is the fundamental of education. As the origin of character is found in the first six years of life, character development is as equally important as academic abilities in children. We encourage our children to be creative, imaginative, explorers, confident, independent and problem-solvers.

We believe that every child is unique, and we strive to create a personalized experience that meets the individual needs of each child in our care. To ensure that children are receiving more individual attention from the teachers, LTH provides a low teacher-children ratio. Our teachers take pride in nurturing our little ones, ensuring that they progress at a comfortable pace and ensure the child's first 6 years with us are fruitful and rewarding.

We believe in every child and we strive to nurture each child to his fullest potential that supports him for the rest of his learning journey. At LTH, we nurture our children not only for grades, but for success in life!

Our Motto

Our Vision

To provide an engaging, enriching and enjoyable preschool journey for every child.

Every child is a unique learner


Our Beliefs

& Philosophy

In Little Tree House, we believe in preparing children for school and for life. An engaging, enriching and enjoyable preschool journey delivered through strong partnership among these 3 main stakeholders, our children will grow to be confident life-long learners prepared to face the challenges of the world.



Teachers are the strong facilitators in providing instructions and stimulate exploration in a child’s learning journey.


Parents are the child’s first teachers, important partners in this preschool journey who play a vital role in the child’s development and learning.


Community is a great resource centre where learning can take place, anytime and anywhere.

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