We constantly seek feedback from and work very closely with our parents

Would like to take this opportunity to thank the school and the teachers for the great care that had been given to him. He had been with LTH since he's 21 months old.

From a cry baby to the current confident boy. For the past 4 years, he had gained lots of knowledge. The teachers are always there to share their knowledge with him, be it academic or even general information relating to the current affairs.

Other than that, he had grown to be less choosy over food which the teachers had put in great effort to assist him in accepting new food. LTH had also trained him to be vocal in expressing his thoughts well. The environment of LTH is really a terrific place for young children.

Hence, I had entrusted my younger 3 year old boy to the school since last year. I strongly believe the same care and guidance will be rendered to him.

Once again, THANK YOU.

Jasmine | Ethan

We will miss you very much when Aaron starts primary school. Through LTH, Aaron has learned his ABCs and latest local news. Through LTH, Aaron has enjoyed poetry and the arts.

We are truly grateful for the constant patience your sincere teachers have provided us. Keep up the good work!

Shirlyn | Aaron

Neo spent a year in LTH. When he joined LTH, he could not communicate in English at all. I am sure it was not easy for him, but teachers made a great effort for him to feel comfortable, and fun. He had since gained his confidence to communicate, and learn in English and Chinese.

My husband and I enjoyed many school events. Those school events gave us a great chance to get to know how Neo is doing at school, also to knowing Singapore culture as well.

We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn at LTH. We look forward to have time to communicate teachers and friends.

Thank you very much.

Mio | Neo

Clara has always enjoyed attending LTH. This is easily seen from her coming back home daily to perform the songs and dances that she learnt, eagerly showing me and illustrating her worksheets and craftwork.

The cleanliness and brightness of the childcare centre and the friendly teachers also gave me a good impression and feeling warmth.

As a parent, not only does LTH update me regularly on her performance and well-being in school, there is the availability of Facebook photo updates of all their events and outdoor learning trips!

I sincerely thank all the teachers at LTH for their dedication in taking care and grooming my child. And I look forward to attending more LTH events in future!

Mrs Choo | Clara

A Big thank you from my wife and I to you and the staff at Little Tree House. Thanks for patiently taking care of Jacob and teaching him how to share, play and laugh. His character improved and he had become much kinder and willing to share since he jointed Little Tree House. Thank you!

Esther | Jacob


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